Alhamduillaah we have been pioneers, especially in South India, in supplying authentic Islamic literature from around the world, for more than a decade now. It is our endeavour to make available every authentic book from around the world at reasonable prices. Special care is taken to ensure the authenticity of each and every book or other media that we sell.

Currently, we supply more than 2500 titles of books from more than 50 International and Indian publications. And more than 400 DVD titles of English and Urdu speakers.

We are Authorized distributors of Darussalam Publications, KSA.

We supply books in Arabic, English, Urdu, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam.

We also sell Attar perfumes, Bakhoor, Kashmiri Honey, prayer mats, Siwaak, Qur’an Pen, Azan clocks etc.