Qur’an Reader Pen

Qur’an Reader Pen

Name : INR Qur’an Reader Pen

Price : INR 3040

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-This exclusive product ‘Qur’an pen reader’ is ideal for listening and learning the recitation of the Quran. No other device is required. Suitable for all ages (children and adults). Loud and clear sound.
– …
– The Pen Reader optically reads the pointed area. Once the ‘Quran Pen Reader’ is pointed at any chapter or surah, it will read it immediately. By this you will easily learn, practice, memorize and recite the Quran.
– The sound quality is very good, loud and clear. You can either leave it on loudspeaker and adjust the volume or plug an earphone (included with the package) for private listening.
– All in just 3 easy steps:
– 1. Point
– 2. Listen
– 3. Recite
– ‘Quran Pen reader’ can read any page, surah or ayah by simply touching the sentence/sura.
– Simple & easy way for people who have reading difficulties, learning disabilities or dyslexia to get immediate word support when they are reciting.
– Perfect for those who want to learn how to read the Noble Qu’ran without a teacher. Get the correct pronunciation of each single word from famous well known reciters.
– You can control volume and voice speed (5 volume levels, 7 speed levels).
– Recitations by Al-Afasy, al-Sudais, Abdul Basit, al-Ajmi and others
– Audio Translations in 8 different languages.
– Complete Holy Qur’an with color coded tajweed rules in well printed uthmani script on precious paper with beautiful cover.
– Includes: Qaida Nooraniya, Duas from the Qur’an and Hadith, Hisn al-Muslim, Asmaul Husna and Alrouqia al-Shariah.
– Additionally in Arabic (audio):
– Ahkam al-Tajweed (Explanation of rules of Tajweed)
– Tafseer al-Jalalyan
– Sharh al-Mufradat (Definition of word in Arabic)
– Different qira’aat
– Several Anasheeds are also included.
– —
– Beautiful color-coded Quran (Holy Qur’an)
– Digital Pen Reader
– Alroqia AlShari, Anasheed book
– Talking Dictionary (For learning Arabic)
– Earphone
– USB cable
– Charger
– –
– Carrying Card (to keep in pocket/wallet/bag to use the pen without the Holy Quran) – Suitable for journeys.
– User’s manual (Arabic & English)